Bespoke service

How it works

To create a bespoke newspaper, get in touch and tell us what you want in your newspaper.

  • Select one of our newspaper layouts
  • The Images you want included
  • Any articles or article ideas
  • Colours

We’ll then get started.

No project is too big or too small so please tell us exactly what you want included. If you decide to place an order we will email a reference number with your order confirmation.

What we need from you

We’ll ask you to send us your photos, articles, & article ideas for your Personalised Gift Newspaper.

We realize that preparing text can be challenging so we can provide full instructions on how to do that. We also have a number of examples, templates, guides and tips to provide you with a bit of inspiration and to make the preparation of your newspaper easy.

For a small additional fee we can also make a first draft of your article idea.

Whilst every newspaper is different, a typical front page will have a 300 – 400 word main article, an accompanying photograph and a second smaller photograph (often the buyer’s photo – to remind the recipient of who bought them this wonderful gift).

Other Options

Other content includes:

  • Short messages in the ‘news in brief’section of your newspaper,
  • A number of framing and mounting options.

We love new ideas and opportunities to personalise our newspapers further, so feel free to send us any specific requests or ideas that you have and we’ll see if we can do it for you.

At any time simply contact us to discuss your order. Contact Us

Our news team craft your unique newspaper

Once our news team have your content it’s over to us. You do not need to do anything else to prepare it.

Our news team of qualified writers, editors and designers will:

  • edit, and
  • arrange & compose

your photos and articles into your own unique, authentically laid out newspaper.

We are very proud of what we do so we take the time to proofread each and every article to catch those small typos and errors.

You review and check

Once we have crafted your newspaper we send you a digital copy of it. This will show you what your gift newspaper will look like and give you the opportunity to make any changes before we send it for printing.

During this process if you want to make changes to either the content or the layout of your newspaper, simply let us know.

When you review your gift newspaper don’t hesitate to request changes; it’s important to us that your final version is absolutely perfect.

Our team will work as quickly as possible to make any changes before sending you a further digital copy for you to review.

Framing, finish and delivery

Finally we will frame, package and deliver your Personalised Gift Newspaper carefully wrapped in protective packaging.

We aim to ensure that your Gift is produced and delivered between 2 – 3 working days of finalising the layout with you. It’s simple and easy to create the perfect gift.

To get started Contact us

What it costs

We offer a range of prices from a fully bespoke Framed Front Page, up to a 4 page, Front, Back & both Inside Pages (typically used as a wedding gift or guest momento). We also provide options for extra copies and can produce larger volumes on request.

  • Framed & mounted Front Page (or Double spread) £140.00
  • Framed & mounted Double spread (front & back pages) £190.00
  • Framed & Monted Double spread & Double inside £285.00
  • Unframed 4 page (Front, Back and both Inside Pages) £230.00
  • Additional 50 copies (4 page) £140.00
  • Additional 100 copies (4 page) £210.00

Payment is made using the unique link contained in the order confirmation.

Join Us

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