Frequently Asked Questions

What occasions and events do you cover?

Currently only birthdays. We are developing newspapers for a range of occasions including:

  • Changing Jobs/Leavers
  • Weddings/Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • New Birth
  • Valentines
  • Graduations, Exams & other awards
  • Sporting achievements
  • Custom newspaper (design your own)

Once ready, other options will be available on the website.

Creating your Newspaper

How do I personalise my gift newspaper?

Creating your bethefrontpage.com personalized gift newspaper is simple – and can take less than 2 minutes and comprises:

1 Choose newspaper style
2 Add a Photo
3 Select & personalise an Article from a range of prewritten articles or write your own article.

Detailed instructions are on the “Get Started – Composer” page, under the “How To” box.

What do I get with my gift newspaper?

The standard bethefrontpage.com personalized gift newspaper comes with:

  • A framed, colour, personalised, realistic looking, gift newspaper
  • A selection of frame & mount options

Can I personalise the back page?

Yes.  Both the front & back pages can be personalised.

Can I change the title of the newspaper?

No.  Whilst we have the technology to provide this feature, we do not currently make it available because of potential problems around copyright.

We continue to review the situation of bringing this much requested feature to you.

Can I write my own article?

Yes. Just select “write your own” In the “Article selection Box” or just edit any of the prewritten headlines and articles.

Is the newspaper available in more than 1 size?

Not yet. However, we are looking into developing 2 additional sizes (smaller & larger).

Is there a maximum photo upload size?

Yes. The limit is increasing over time. The current limit is displayed on “Upload photo”.

Can I write my own headline?

Yes. You can edit our suggested headline or totally replace it if you wish.

Is it possible to have safety glass in the frame?

Yes. The number of customers who have requested safety glass is such that we have taken the decision to fit safety glass as standard to all our frames.

Can I upload photos directly from Facebook, or other sources?

Not yet. – We expect to implement this feature on a future release.

How many photos can I include in a newspaper?

A total of 2 photographs can be included: 1 on the front page and 1 on the back page.


Will I have to sign for delivery?

Yes – However, should you need to pop-out, generally the courier will be happy to leave it at a close neighbour if you leave a note to that effect on your doorstep.

How is the newspaper packaged?

Carefully packaged in cardboard and bubble wrap to fully protect it.

How is the newspaper delivered?

Delivery is by Royal Mail or courier

Can the newspaper be posted directly to the recipient?

Yes. The delivery options include sending it to any address. Furthermore, we do not include an invoice in the newspaper itself.

How long does delivery take?

Standard Delivery is 3 – 5 days

Electronic Newspapers emailed: within 3hours

Payment, Privacy and Security

Are my credit card details stored securely?

Yes – Payments are processed on a secure PCI compliant site provided by a 3rd party payment provider (e.g. PayPal/Stripe).

We do not collect or process any card information on our website so we can give an emphatic yes to that question.

We understand the importance of ensuring the security of all data but especially credit card details. It is for this reason the actual payment is handled directly by PayPal or other payment processor which means your credit card details are as secure as making a purchase at your local supermarket, petrol station, etc.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. Follow this link to take you to our privacy policy.

Do you use cookies on your website?

Yes. Click the following the link to view our cookie policy and see to our privacy policy.